Aidan Scott

Actor - Writer

Aidan Scott is an ambitious young actor and writer currently living in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, with a wealthy ten years of experience on stage and screen, and a huge passion for the creative arts. 


He has appeared in the feature film Say Your Prayers (Aimimage Productions), and has played the lead in a number of short films including Answers (Canivid Productions), Paper Planes, and No Man’s Land (Northern Film School). Some of his theatre credits include playing James in Black Out at CAST, Les in East at Doncaster Little Theatre and Compagnie Off’s Colour of Light (street theatre).


He also writes screenplays and spoken word poetry, which he has performed in several arenas, including Holocaust memorials, youth voice summits, and Doncapolitan’s online Seven Days of Spoken Word.

Aidan is always seeking opportunities to collaborate with other fellow creatives to produce original and striking pieces of work. He has recently partaken in Guildhall’s online short course in Acting and has previously trained with Act4Tv, Elite Theatre Arts and Doncaster Little Theatre 

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