About Us

True Tone is a growing creative community and arts programme in Doncaster, founded by August Charles and Rasha Kotaiche.
"We believe Doncaster has the the potential to have a glowing creative community; we want to highlight the creatives within the town, provide opportunity for the young generation and help young creatives build their practices together."

Our mission includes
  • Bringing Doncaster's creatives together to connect, collaborate and create. By creating this website, we hope our directory of creatives and the forum will give everyone the chance to connect and learn from one another. We want to see Doncaster's creatives collaborate on projects, produce amazing work and to motivate young creators.
  • Providing opportunity for the young generation in Doncaster who are interested in developing, learning and gaining experience in the arts industry. Through workshops, events and networking, we want to motivate the younger generations to express their creativity, make them aware of the opportunities that exist and connect them with people in the industry they are interested in; providing them with role models and support to carry through their creative desires.